Mother Nature’s Home Remedies for Hair Fall

Hair fall is a widespread problem that can affect the people of all ages where they are young, adults or people of higher ages. It is believed that the genes in the body play a major role in the loss of hair. Mutation and loss of function of gene call all lead to hair loss. Besides these other factors such hormonal imbalance, certain diseases and lack of nutrients can all trigger the loss of hair. However, whatever the cause maybe it needs to be addressed promptly because hair play a major role in the natural beauty of the person and care must be taken. Natural home remedies help in keeping the hair healthy and preventing their loss.


Using aloe-vera is one of the easiest and cheapest remedies for hair fall. It also has a major role in treating dandruff, eczema and scalp irritation. It adds volume to your hair and makes them look fizzy. The hair growth is greatly stimulated by using aloe-vera and also the hair follicles also get nourished. It is thus advisable to use aloe-vera gel on the hair twice or thrice a week.
Mix equal concentration of olive oil and aloe-vera and massage the mixture into the hair scalp. Let it stay on the hair for one hour and then wash it. It will make your hair look silkier and shiner. The aloe-vera juice supplement and aloe-vera conditioner can also be a good choice to improve the health of the hair.

Egg mask
Egg mask can act as a miracle for your hair by preventing the hair loss and strengthening the hair follicles. The egg is a rich source of proteins that strengthen the structure of your hair and provide them volume. Along with the proteins other minerals and vitamins that the egg contains include selenium; biotin and vitamin B12 complex that will help your hair grow fast. To get better results you can mix the egg mask with green tea as green tea itself contains anti-oxidant that prevents hair fall and hair diseases.
Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and egg along with green tea. Massage your scalp with this mixture and leave for 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water.


It has a worldwide use as a conditioner and cleansing agent for the body. It provides fuzziness and silky texture to your hair. It keeps away the pathogens and fungus that can cause dandruff and also maintains the pH of the scalp thus making it healthy.
You can buy shikakai powder from Metiista or use it to make your own natural shampoo. It can be used as a hair growth mask or for rinsing your hair.


Onion juice
It is one of the oldest remedies to boost up the hair growth as the onion are loaded with essential ingredients that make your hair grow faster. Two of these ingredients are Quercetin and Sulfur. Minerals and vitamins are also present such as biotin, vitamin C, copper, magnesium and phosphorous that provides natural shine to the hair. Onion juice helps to deal with hair diseases such as Alopecia areata and researchers say that 86% people got rid of this disease by applying onion juice on the hair.


Fenugreek seeds
It is another name for the natural product called Methi. It has been reported to have a major role in the preventing hair loss. The hormones present in fenugreek repair the damaged hair follicles and boost up the hair growth. It is an essential source of proteins that help in the fast growth of hair.
Take one cup of fenugreek seeds and soak them for a night. In the morning grind them to make a paste. Apply the paste to the hair roots and then cover the head with a shower cap. Leave it on the head for 40 minutes and then rinse your hair with warm water. For good results apply this pate every morning for a month.


Rosemary oil
Besides cooking, this oil can also be used for promoting hair growth. The antioxidants present in this oil help in the removal of free radicals that otherwise lead to the graying and thinning of the hair. It adds a natural shine and volume to the hair. It also helps fighting dandruff and scalp irritation that makes the roots weak. It has a strong minty scent which does not disturb much so you can apply it to the hair for 2-3 hours. You can use rosemary oil or rosemary hair serum for shinier and thicker hair.


Coconut milk
The healthy fats and proteins in the coconut milk help to strengthen the structure of the hair and repair damaged hair structure. As hair is made up of protein and this milk is also rich in milk proteins so the hair loss is prevented.
To make the coconut milk add freshly grated coconut to the water pan. Let the solution to simmer and then strain the milk and apply it to the hair properly. Let it stay on your hair for 20-30 minutes and then wash your hair with a shampoo. For better results add black pepper and fenugreek seeds in the coconut milk and then apply on the hair as black pepper and fenugreek seeds contain anti-oxidants compounds in them.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a rich source of vitamin C that helps to keep your hair strengthening. It aids in building up the collagen, the protein essential for hair growth. The premature growing of hair is greatly prevented using Amla and it helps in the absorption of iron that keeps your hair looks healthy and strong. The hair follicles are also strengthened by using Amla. You can add Amla with coconut oil or lime juice to get better results. This helps in keeping your scalp healthy and fight hair loss.


Coriander juice
It is beneficial in preventing hair loss and making your hair soft and silkier. It also promotes hair growth and development. Grind one cup of fresh coriander leaves and mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of water. Extract the juice from the paste and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for an hour and then wash off the hair with a shampoo. Try this twice or thrice a week for better results.

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